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Billionaire Elon Musk is also in the throes of the current historic electricity crisis in the US state of Texas. The situation is that, in the middle of a harsh winter, Musk, who is sleeping in an electric car to warm up, is now providing electricity. to the state of Texas. Power grid operators are on fire
Elon Musk, the second richest billionaire in the world who dreams of building a city on Mars, is also in the grip of the current historic power crisis in the US state of Texas. The condition is that Elon Musk must sleep in his very fashionable electric car to keep warm in the midst of harsh winter and snowfall. Musk has now broke into grid operators providing electricity in the state of Texas. In the grip of this power crisis that has lasted for 4 days, 3 million people in Texas have come and 21 people have died.

Musk called the operator irresponsible. Elon Musk sets up Tesla’s new plant near Austin. He came here from Silicon Valley in December of last year. He expressed his anger at the electric operator ERCOT by tweeting. The temperature in the state of Texas has dropped to minus, which has affected the company’s power generation capacity. Because of this, on Wednesday 3 million people in the state of Texas had to live without electricity.
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This failure appears in photos taken from space
The effect of this power cut is also visible from space. Images from space show that this blackout has spread widely. The meteorological department has warned that there could be more snowfall due to which the electrical crisis is expected to increase further. Due to the electrical crisis, Musk has to sleep in his car in “camp mode”. In this mode, the driver of the car has the option of staying in the car parking lot for a long time by changing the temperature.

The camp mode of this Tesla car can last up to 24 hours without charging. One Reddit user wrote: ‘There is no electricity for the last 6 hours. There is no gas in our house. Our wood is also dying … what are we going to do. Another user tweeted that he and his wife, kids and dogs were all sleeping in Tesla’s car in the garage. If I hadn’t had this car we would have had a very bad night.

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