Blasphemy in Pakistan: Security official murdered Pakistan bank manager for blasphemy – Pakistan security official kills bank manager for blasphemy

In Pakistan’s Punjab province, a senior executive at the state-run National Bank of Pakistan was killed by bank security staff for “blasphemy”. The police released this information on Thursday. Bank manager Malik Imran Hanif was shot dead by bank security officer Ahmed Nawaz on Wednesday morning in Khushb, about 250 km from Lahore. Nawaz is a retired soldier.

The victim’s family said it was a murder committed under hostile hostility, and the accused blasphemy in order to save himself. Police say Haneef was admitted to a hospital in Lahore where he died on Thursday. Police said the accused Nawaz had been arrested. According to police officer Tariq Vilayat, Nawaz claimed to have opened fire on Haneef above Ishaninda.

He said this claim could not yet be verified. Police are investigating the case after taking into account all aspects, including the statement of the family of the deceased. Hanif’s family said Nawaz was fired a few months ago but was later reinstated. Nawaz had feuds with Hanif over his dismissal and there has been a heated debate between the two recently.

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