A Partner to Enhance the Logistics and Transportation Industry 623
Arun Yeldho
Apr 25, 2018 at 2:39 AM

Hortonworks, Inc. recently reported that Trimble Transportation Enterprise Solutions is utilizing its global data management solutions with machine learning models to mitigate pain points over the transportation and logistics industry.

Trimble is a leading enterprise software supplier for in excess of 2,000 transportation and logistics organizations and is as of now the biggest data science organization in the business, supporting a large number of clients, taxicabs and trailers out and about. The cargo and transportation industry today depends on inherently manual frameworks, where spreadsheets and individual documents are updated by each party every time a new action is required. This causes an absence of accountability and no ability to see into imperative information put away in file-based systems. Using a blockchain venture design approach, Trimble's data-powered solutions have gigantic advantages over the transportation and logistics space. For instance, Trimble is changing contract cargo RFP/bid/award/commitment tracking, farm-to-fork models, food safety and other complex logistics arranging and execution situations.

According to Trimble EVP of Operations and Chief Technology Officer, Timothy Leonard, "Our work with Hortonworks has allowed us to deliver next-generation tools to our thousands of customers in one easy-to-adopt platform. We've provided enhanced analytics, real-time vehicle data, financial planning, and logistics execution to allow for record provenance, security, faster payments and organizational visibility. Hortonworks' data management platforms have allowed us to elevate the freight bidding process dramatically."

One of the challenges that Trimble confronted was to get information from numerous sources and gadgets over the transportation ecosystem. HDF (Hortonworks DataFlow) made it easy for Trimble to ingest, route all the data into its data lake. Key information significant to the transportation and logistics processes is pushed by HDF into Trimble's inter-related collection of seven blockchains. While HDF enabled data provenance on its streaming data, the blockchains enabled auditability and immutability to the data fueling its procedures.

As of now, the transportation business does not bolster new cash forms and has both siloed communication processes and disparate data storage systems that require actions to be performed manually. By using HDF, HDP (Hortonworks Data Platform) and blockchain records to deal with the contractual procedure, information traded by means of Trimble's blockchain system will enable its customers to utilize Trimble coins. This thusly requires little control, gives full audit capabilities and enables any approved client to join the system and utilize industry standard integration models. Thus, Trimble clients have encountered a 50 percent decrease in manual work required with antiquated systems.

By utilizing HDF, Trimble is equipping transportation organizations with the visibility they need to prevent problems before they occur via its in-production blockchain solutions. Trimble has seen a double-digit revenue increase over the previous year – empowering the organization to make new intelligence products and analyze and monetize data using the same architecture.

As said by Michael Ger, general manager, industrial manufacturing and automotive solutions at Hortonworks, "Trimble is at the forefront of its industry by bringing big data, machine learning and blockchain technologies to its transportation and logistics customers for superior business intelligence. We are excited to be working with Trimble to transform the way it delivers value to customers and is pleased with Trimble's incredible business results."

Image via Shutterstock