Biblecoin Going Global with help of The World’s Very First 4th-Generation Blockchain Technology 5225
Arun Yeldho
Apr 20, 2018 at 12:19 AM

BI FINTECH PTE LTD, a fintech startup with its base camps at  Singapore and the United States, has declared that the organization has started the issuance of BibleCoin. It will gain Korea Framing Institute (Hwang Soon Young, Head of Research), which has a security-related global patent for 'Coordinated AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM FOR AUTHENTICATION USING SINGLE-USE RANDOM NUMBERS,' before the issuance of BibleCoin.

According to Hwang Soon Young from Korea Framing Institute "The patent, a 4th-generation crypto-related technology, will allow users to avoid 'hacking issues,' which have been troublesome for the distribution process of cryptocurrencies and global crypto-exchanges."

Han Jong Won, CEO of BI FINTECH PTE LTD, which drives the ICO of BibleCoin, said that BibleCoin was coined from a thought that recommends a worldwide standard for cryptographic forms of money to have internal transaction value as opposed to being utilized as tools for theory. Likewise, Han Jong Won said that organization is getting ready different services that will apply this encryption innovation. BibleCoin is quickly developing thanks to the help of churches and Christian-related organizations everywhere throughout the world. The organization likewise uncovered that the coin is expected to be listed on different worldwide crypto-exchanges amid the second half of 2018 alongside global news stage GNN and its worldwide branches.

The reason behind why BibleCoin is prevalent in South Korea is that ICO advancement can be possible effectively in different nations through the GNN News stage. 'Saynews,' a GNN News Platform, has a groundbreaking strategy totaling news content on the worldwide scale. The association between the two organizations is gaining recognition for its potential as another blockchain community. Challi Jung, CEO of GNN, said that the GNN worldwide news stage venture has finished its in-house testing and will begin its beta form on a CDN-based framework that was created with four noteworthy cloud systems, including AWS and Google App Engine, by May 2018. According to Agnès, general executive of GNN,"GNN news stage will enable its clients to see news content on an online map by integrating Google Maps feature to the platform. Additionally, GNN news stage will aggregate all news content with its inventive news sharing component." With GNN's news stage, Saynews, GNN will set up worldwide branches, alongside BibleCoin, beginning in June 2018. There has been much consideration given towards the capability of BibleCoin, alongside GNN's system, in the global market.


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