BITREAL Capital Granted Official Registration for First Fund Investing in Real Estate and Cryptocurrencies 5418
Arun Yeldho
Apr 21, 2018 at 9:23 PM

After following intensive legal, regulatory and tax preparation, BITREAL Capital's promoting approval for BREBCO1, GmbH, headquartered in Munich, has been a noteworthy step in empowering proficient, authoritatively enrolled interests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology-based coins and tokens. Both Semi-professional investors, starting from a minimum EUR 500,000 investment volume, and professional investors can now invest in the fund.

BREBCO1 plans to put resources into blockchain advances through established tokens, coins and virtual currencies (cryptocurrencies) as well as AA core commercial real estate, partly financed by bank loans, in the top 10 economic regions in Germany with a low-risk structure but high return potential. The technique expects a return of 15 percent for every annum, given a seven-year fund lifetime. A distinctive element of the fund series is the ability to make deposits into the fund via Euro or directly via cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Holders of cryptocurrencies, coins or tokens, by putting resources into the BREBCO1 fund, get a successful fence for existing benefits. Toward the end of the term, Euro investors specialists likewise have the chance to pick whether they need to get the repayments and benefits in Euro or then again in virtual currencies, coins or tokens.

As Boris Hardi, Managing Partner of BITREAL Capital GmbH explains: "Since summer of last year, questions of family offices and high net worth individuals as to how or in which virtual currencies, coins, and tokens can be sensibly invested in or how to take part in the blockchain technology market potential without the high volatility and risk of total loss were raised. Our answer is the BREBCO 1 fund, which is now officially registered in Germany by the BaFin."

BITREAL Capital GmbH is a fund initiator and pioneer in the zone of Special AIFs. The administration of BITREAL Capital has unique know-how in keeping in mind the end goal to combine German central commercial real estate investments, investments in renewable energies, e-mobility, and hotels with blockchain technologies, to invest in cryptocurrencies and to manage and custody them safely. The initial BaFin- registered fund for semi-professional investors, BREBCO1, joins core commercial real estate with a blockchain technology-based token/coin share and thus opens BaFin-registered access to Bitcoin, Ether, and Co. By including a steady real estate position, the fund offers strict risk reduction and high return potential. Through close cooperation with administrative experts and leading business and tax law firms, an expert and institutional entry into this asset class is now possible both through investments in Euro or directly via cryptocurrencies.

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