BitUN users exceed 1 Million users 4597
Arun Yeldho
Apr 24, 2018 at 11:49 PM

BitUN, a private blockchain bank, announced that after 47 days, since its launching on March 7, has reached 1 million registered users from over 20 countries and regions including Singapore, US, Japan and Hong Kong.

BitUN aims to build the first global blockchain asset private bank and provides safe and convenient services like blockchain asset storage, wealth management, and payment settlements. Since March 27, it has reached cooperation agreements with Coinsuper Exchange, Higgs Mining Hashpower Sales Service Platform, IOV Project Foundation and Ping An Security Group. BitUN is averaging a new cooperation agreement once a week, which is, in turn, boosting the construction of the comprehensive lightning network 2.0.

Some of the significant milestones since BitUN product launch are:

  • March 7, BitUN landed on Times Square in New York, US. BitUN APP is officially announced;
  • March 14, BUC, the token of BitUN, completed ICO, raising 10,000 BTC in 4 days;
  • March 23, BUC, the token of BitUN, officially released;
  • March 27, BitUN signed strategic cooperation contract with Hong Kong digital financial professional Coinsuper. The parties will enter into long-term cooperation in multiple aspects including wallet, transactions and user services;
  • March 28, BitUN signed strategic cooperation contract with professional hashpower sales service platform Higgs Mining. BitUN becomes the official wallet of the project "Gold Mining I";
  • April 10, BitUN signed a contract with Singapore IOV Project Foundation to reach strategic cooperation in expanding IOV blockchain market globally;
  • April 13, BitUn officially released the first blockchain financial planning project;
  • April 15, BUC, the token of BitUN, was listed on Coinsuper Exchange;
  • April 20, BitUN reached strategic cooperation of Ping An Security Group (00231.HK). Both parties will cooperate in multiple aspects of blockchain market analysis, capital management, and finance.

Image via Shutterstock