Blockchain might very soon be at the helm of cinema, thanks to Cinezen. 9234
Team BCFocus
May 14, 2018 at 6:51 PM

Cinezen is a new global marketplace for VOD, also it’s just the first of its kind based on the Ethereum-blockchain technology. Cinezen is currently in its developing stages and this Swedish company is set to launch its VOD platform very soon this year.

Meanwhile, Cinezen has started incorporating film distributors like Celluloid Dreams and other content suppliers such as Filmexport Group (Italy), LOCO Films (France), Mirovision (South Korea), SDP (Japan), Entertaining Power (HK), and US-based TriCoast, Bid Slate, Summer Hill, and Asylum to its network.

Cinezen has also included the distributors Thunderbird (UK), while Nonstop Entertainment, Take One, and Edge Entertainment from Sweden have also been incorporated.

Designed with the Ethereum blockchain, Cinezen was initially founded in September 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden by Sam Klebanov, a seasoned film industry executive, and Pavel Rabetski, an experienced software engineer.

Cinezen aims to revolutionize the existing means of film distribution, by integrating the lucidity of its Ethereum Blockchain technology which ensures the film industry and the audience an effectual means for buying and selling films online.

The distribution of films on internet hasn’t yet quite evolved over the recent years but Cinezen has assured that the Ethereum blockchain technology is adept, since it’s rightly adapted to the increasing need for the lucidity in this market, while its automated smart contracts regulates the payment from the end-user and to the content creators.

Thus, this only means that a revolution in the distribution of films is just on the horizon.

Also, it’s noteworthy to observe that this trend of incorporating the blockchain technology along with its co-technological adaptations for various marketplaces like Rare Bits and Cinezen are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the booming blockchain induced technological evolution.

The audiences for films and cinema are vastly prevalent, hence Cinezen’s move in incorporating the various distributors in the field is only intriguing, since Blockchain’s encryption technologies are already enhancing all the extended markets of blockchain engineered businesses with much security features than ever before.

Image via shutterstock