Blue Jets: Blue Jets seen from the International Space Station: lightning seen from the International Space Station

Lightning jets seen from the earth are as dangerous as they look. However, its vision is somewhat different from that of space. A blue lightning bolt was seen from the International Space Station passing over thunderstorm clouds. It is almost impossible to see it from the ground. On February 26, 2019, devices mounted on the ISS captured this view in the camera. It has been seen over the island of Nauru in the Pacific Ocean. A report was recently published in the journal Nature. (Photo: Espace DTU / Daniel, Schmelling / Mount Visual)

What did the ISS show?

Scientists first saw 5 flashes of 10 to 20 milliseconds of blue light. It then spread in the shape of a cone. Blue jets form when the top of a positively charged cloud meets the negative charge between the clouds and the air. These charges change places in the cloud and become uniform, which is called a power failure. During this period, static electricity is produced. There aren’t many specific details about Blue Jet, so capturing this incident is important.

How were they born?

According to scientists, the first four flashes before the Blue Jet also contained ultraviolet rays. These are described as Elves which are seen in the upper atmosphere. These are emissions of light that look like rapidly rising rings. They are found in the ionosphere, which is the layer of charged particles 35 to 620 miles above the earth. Elves are produced when radio rays push electrons through the ionosphere, speeding up their speed and colliding with other charged particles. Energy is emitted from this in the form of light.

What can be the effect?

These Flashes, Elves and Blue Jet were visualized using the Atmosphere Space Interaction Monitor (ASIM) of the European Space Agency. It consists of cameras, photometers, X-ray detectors and gamma-ray detectors. According to scientists, the blue jet in the upper atmosphere can also have an effect on the amount of greenhouse gases. Where, in the stratospheric layer, there are blue jets, there is also ozone.

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