blue stars of the milky way: bright blue stars found in the milky way about to explode: a galaxy terrain with giant blue stars is about to explode

Astrophysicists have discovered an area of ​​our galaxy where bubbling blue stars are about to burst. The researchers were preparing a detailed map with the help of the European Space Agency (ESA) Gaia Telescope when they explored the area. His name is Cepheus Spur. This belt-shaped region lies between the arm of Orion (where our solar system is located) and the constellation Perseus in the Milky Way. It has stars three times the size of the sun and looks blue.

Essential for life

Astronomers named these giant blue stars OB because they produce light of blue wavelength. They are the rarest, hottest, most massive, and short-lived stars in the entire galaxy. The nuclear reactions that take place inside make them 6 times hotter than the sun. They die from a supernova explosion and carry elements necessary for life in the galaxy far away. These stars are rare and a galaxy with 400 billion stars may contain less than 2 lakh of such stars.

The most active part of the galaxy

This information was given to Live Science by researcher Michelangelo from the Spanish Center for Astrobiology. He said that these stars are needed to become heavy elements and therefore are considered to be the source of the necessary chemicals. Because of this, the geochemistry of our planet is so complex that biochemistry could be born. Researchers have reported that wherever blue stars are found, the most active and “ alive ” area of ​​the galaxy is found (Credit: M. PANTALEONI GONZÁLEZ, J. MAÍZ APELLÁNIZ, RH BARBÁ Y B. CAMERON REED)

Address distance

Researchers built their star map based on distance from Earth. This is called stellar parallax. In orbit around the sun, the stars are observed from different positions on the earth. From there, the distance to the stars can be calculated. With this technique, new stars could be discovered in a new region by combining data from Gaia, which until now was considered empty. Michelangelo said that this beautiful card was first seen after many months of hard work.

The history of the galaxy will be known

Scientists have proven that the Via region is part of a spiral galactic disc that contains most of our galaxy’s material, and that it is not just a pattern of stars. They have been observed continuously moving in the same direction. They also raised the possibility that the history of the galaxy could be known based on its location. A collision with galaxies before they are detected. Now these will be added to the exact map so that more information about the galaxy can be found.

NASA released video of the star exploding, 5 billion times brighter than the sun seen

NASA released video of the star exploding, 5 billion times brighter than the sun seen

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