Bob Swan, CEO of Intel, to step down on February 15

We’ve always said that leadership in a business is fleeting. One day you wake up at the head of your industry and the next day the competition has destroyed you. We’ve seen this a number of times, but in this case we’re talking about Intel and its CEO, Bob Swan, who will be leaving the company in February.

Bob Swan, the brief

The reality is that we’ve wanted to elaborate a bit more on Intel’s situation since Bob Swan was chosen as interim CEO in 2018 and confirmed on January 31, 2019. A little over two years later, he announced that ‘he would quit his post. This American executive arrived in Santa Clara in 2016 where everything was peace and harmony at Intel.

AMD was known to grow, but its dominance was reliable. This should be enough to keep up with the current trend, but it is not. Intel debuted in the eighth generation of processors and since then the numbers have not smiled. So much so that it sold two of its divisions in this short period.

Apple acquired its 5G modem division for $ 1 billion. And later, he sold his NAND memory division to SK HYNIX, again showing the company’s weakness in just two years.

In addition to these sales, the newer generations of Intel have garnered little attention and allowed their AMD competition to grow, surpassing them in market share and market capitalization. And, as if that weren’t enough, Apple announced, with great results, that it would stop using Intel processors and move to its ARM architecture.

These are more than enough reasons for Intel to do without Bob Swan. Within two years, Intel’s strength collapsed and it was relegated to growing competition. We’ll see if his replacement manages to turn this difficult situation around or if they continue to sell different divisions.

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