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Watching an artist perform an impossible stunt on a movie screen, it seems that in real life it is possible. However, Rakib Farooqui in Afghanistan is a living example of what a human being can do. Farooqi is exercising a lot in a temperature colder than winter when people are afraid to go out of the house, and through this he wants to give a message of peace with the help of sports.

Training that amazes you

Farooqui Gore is one of the most powerful bodybuilders in the province. It has also recently demonstrated its power. After the release of his photos, everyone is convinced of his strength and his will. Only 23-year-olds perform such exercises in the freezing cold, winds and cold water near the Farooqui River, which can be blown away by anyone’s senses. Whether swimming in icy water or weightlifting in ice, Farooqui hasn’t learned to give up.

Want to win a medal

Farooqui is very popular on social networks. Mainly due to exercise in difficult situations, people watch them and learn a lot from them. Farooqui wants to win the country’s medal at the international level. He has been training for many sports for the past seven years. Apart from bodybuilding, he also does weightlifting, powerlifting. He says he loves doing such difficult and dangerous exercises.

Message of peace through sport

Farooqui believes that games should convey the message of peace, unity and harmony. He calls on the whole country to join in the sport. Farooqui seeks peace in the country. Farooqui hopes that whenever peace is established in the country, athletes like him can enhance their experience and instill pride in the sporting world in Afghanistan.

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