Boko Haram: How feared is the Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram, which kidnapped schoolchildren – How dangerous is the Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram, which kidnapped schoolchildren in Nigeria

Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram has released children abducted from school in Nigeria. Last Friday, this terrorist organization attacked a boarding school in Katsina State, Nigeria, and abducted around 300 children. State Governor Aminu Bello Masari announced that security forces had released all abducted children. Since then, this feared terrorist organization has once again become the subject of discussion.

So fearful that no one will testify

The fear of Boko Haram is such that Nigeria is not ready to testify against its terrorists. This organization was created to establish a government adhering to Sharia law in Nigeria. This terrorist organization not only massacred large numbers of people in Nigeria, but also carried out numerous deadly attacks against the security forces. The attacks by Boko Haram militants against kidnappings, killings and military bases in the region continue to be the same.

Who created this dreaded terrorist organization

Boko Haram is also active in Nigeria outside of Chad, Niger and northern Cameroon. Boko Haram was founded in 2002 by Maulvi Mohammad Yusuf. The head of this organization since 2009 is Abubakar Shekau. In August 2016, Boko Haram joined the Islamic State and the Levant. Boko Haram started its terrorist activities since 2009 and since then it has killed millions of people.

Boko Haram is a strong supporter of Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law

In the ideology defended by Boko Haram, it is strictly forbidden for Muslims to vote and be secular. He calls for the implementation of Sharia law around the world. Its founder Maulvi Mohammad Yusuf also built a mosque, which has become a major jihadist recruiting center these days. This organization carries out attacks by turning children into human bombs.

Is included in the list of dangerous terrorist organizations

In the Global Terrorism Index 2015, it was placed in the list of the most dangerous terrorist organizations. In 2010, the organization captured several people together. Boko Haram also carried out suicide attacks at the United Nations office and police buildings in Abuja.

Boko Haram killed millions of people

According to Amnesty International’s report, from January 2020 to June 2020, this terrorist organization killed 1,100 people. Every year, several thousand people are exposed to violence from this feared terrorist organization. Apart from that, this terrorist organization has made millions of people homeless. Who left their homes and moved to neighboring countries.

Army claims – we ruined Boko Haram

Nigerian military officials are often heard claiming that they have ruined the terrorist organization Boko Haram. However, the local population does not believe this claim by the government and the military. It is true that Boko Haram has suffered a lot in the battles with the army. However, each time this organization does great harm to the army and the people.

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