Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria: Boko Haram slaughtered in Nigeria, killed 110 civilians: United Nations – United Nations says Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria kills 110 civilians

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Boko Haram assassins in Nigeria brutally killed 110 people, many of whom were beheaded and killed while tying their hands and feet, UN humanitarian coordinator Edward Kallon gave this information to Maiduguri.
The United Nations has said that in northwestern Nigeria, assassins from the fundamentalist Islamist organization Boko Haram brutally killed 110 people without mercy. Many of these people have been beheaded. United Nations humanitarian coordinator Edward Cullon said Boko Haram brutally killed at least 110 people. In addition, many people were injured.

Kallon said that initially the death toll was 43, which then rose to 70. He said this incident is an attack on ordinary citizens directly in the most violent manner. These assassinations must be brought to justice. According to sources, the incident is from Koshobe, which is located near the main town of Maiduguri. The killers killed people working in the paddy field.

Boko Haram, one of the world’s most feared terrorist organizations, which has cut off workers’ heads

‘The whole country is hurt’
Anti-jihadist sources have given information about this. They said that in a very brutal attack, these workers were first tied up and then their throats were cut. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari condemned the attack. He said the whole country was hurt by the killings. Militia leader Babakura Kolo, who helped survivors of the horrific attack, said more than 43 people were strangled to death.

Attacked several times
According to Kolo, this work is undoubtedly from Boko Haram which is active in this area and has attacked on several occasions. These victims were workers from Sokoto State. They went northeast in search of work. According to Ibrahim Liman, another militia, 60 farmers were hired to work in the paddy field. All the bodies were taken to the village of Jabarmari where they were kept before the burial on Sunday. Since 2009, around 36,000 people have died in the jihadist controversy and more than 20 lakh have been displaced.

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