Bomb explosion in Afghanistan: Afghanistan 30 Taliban militants killed in explosion during bomb-making class at mosque – 30 Taliban terrorists killed in massive explosion

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30 Taliban terrorists killed during bomb training inside an Afghan mosque.
They say, the bad result of a bad job. Something similar happened with Taliban militants in Afghanistan. Taliban militants training to make a bomb inside a mosque in Afghanistan found this “class” very expensive and 30 terrorists were killed in the explosion. The Afghan army issued a statement indicating that 30 terrorists, including 6 foreigners, had been killed.

These foreign terrorists were landmine experts and on Saturday they were training 26 other terrorists live to make bombs. It is said that the explosion took place in the village of Kultak, in the district of Daulatabad, in the province of Balf. The Afghan army issued a statement saying the six foreign militants killed had not been identified. According to the Khamma Press report, Taliban terrorists were inside a mosque and were being trained to make bombs and IEDs.

NATO slowly gave the Taliban a big shock
Security forces said two children were killed in Kunduz province as a result of an IED explosion during another explosion. These explosions took place at a time when Taliban attacks and violence escalated across Afghanistan. This too when they are in talks with the Afghan government. On Monday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stolteberg shockingly told the Taliban that the US coalition would not say goodbye to the country of Afghanistan until the right time is right.

Taliban militants demand that the United States accept the deal reached during Donald Trump and completely withdraw its military from Afghanistan. In this regard, the defense ministers of 30 NATO countries will meet soon on Wednesday. It is said that the future of the 9,600 NATO troops deployed in Afghanistan can be decided at this meeting.

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