Bonheur Authentique, II Congress for relatives of disabled children

On September 25 at 6.30 p.m., the II Congress of Authentic Happiness will be held at the Rafael Municipal Auditorium in Len de Tomares.

In business, forums, sessions or conferences are often organized for workers and managers focused on improving their relationship with the environment and the best of themselves. In recent years, motivation and happiness are also central themes in this type of sessions. The Bonheur Authentique initiative consists of transferring the benefits of these sessions and workshops to other types of people: parents and / or relatives of children with any disability, who demonstrate a particular strength day after day.

The I Congress took place on March 5, 2020 in Murcia and over 300 people gathered, which was a complete success.

The meeting will be a family event, during which participants will receive professional advice from two international expert speakers in motivational coaching: Juanma Quelle, speaker, writer and coach, creator of the #TerritorioFelicidad social movement that seeks to place well-being, l balance and happiness as the first goal of life; and Fabin Villena, expert in Intelligent Positive Attitude and author of the book “Wake up your intelligent positive attitude. 7 keys to better enjoy life and work ”.

Giving importance to motivation and the pursuit of happiness in all areas, Authentic Happiness has come to become the event for loved ones of children with special needs, and to ensure that those loved ones find their own. strength enriched that day. This second edition also wants to include two other groups who have experienced significant emotional exhaustion for a year and a half: health workers who have fought against COVID and people who have suffered from this disease.

The event has a large number of collaborators: Adecco, Creative Agency, Tomares City Council, Hijos de Juan Gil Winery, Adecco Foundation, Ibidem Abogados, RRHHDigital, among others.

If you belong to such an association, feel free to attend and register for free here. All information on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (@felicidadautentica).

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