Boogel Woogel: Rock Ski Fest video of girls in swimsuits in Russia goes viral – Video of Russian girls skating in swimsuits goes viral

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Video of girls skating on snow in bikinis in viral Russia
In Russia, a video of girls skating in swimsuits goes viral amid a severe cold. The video is told during the Boogel Vogel festival held in the city of Sochi. Every year, hundreds of Russian girls wear bikinis to participate in this festival. This year, organized in the midst of the corona epidemic, a large number of people attended this festival.

Girls in bikinis jumping in ice water
In the videos that go viral on social media, we see Russian girls in bikinis and boys in half-pants. They quickly descend into the icy waters down the steep slope of the ski resort using a snowboard. Meanwhile, people standing on the edge of the track also increase the enthusiasm of the participants.

The war has started on social media
At the same time, the battle started in Russian social media over these videos. A large number of online users criticize this festival. They think he is not part of civilized society. They’re also wondering why in Corona’s time people were bringing so many people together in one place and removing social distancing.

People also come to the rescue
It is not that such a festival is criticized only in Russian social media. There are also a good number of people who defend these traditional games. They believe that it is tradition and that it takes place every year. In such a situation, no one should criticize such events.

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