Bookings for medical appointments increase by 40% on average in September

Doctoralia, the world’s largest healthcare marketplace, claims that bookings for medical appointments increased by an average of 40% in September. Returning from vacation means resuming your daily habits and catching up on many aspects, including our health. For this reason, the platform recommends that medical specialists go during the post-vacation period for an optimal return to routine.

“The end of summer, and the return to routine, means resuming healthy habits that on many occasions have been put aside during the holidays, and we see this reflected in appointment bookings. you carried out via our platform. », Explains Carlos. Villaverde, Director of Finance and Operations of Doctoralia in Spain. And he adds: “There is a growing social awareness of the importance of performing periodic health check-ups with specialists from different health disciplines, as these check-ups play a fundamental role in disease prevention.

The most relevant specialists for commissioning

One of the main specialists to consult when returning from vacation is the general practitioner or family doctor. Taking a general assessment – including analytical – is a good way to make sure that the excesses of the summer have not wreaked havoc and, if an anomaly is found, to take action to prevent it. In the case of the youngest, a general assessment with the pediatrician will allow the course to begin in the best conditions.

The nutritionist is another of the professionals who occupy the top positions during this period. Returning to your routine is always a good time to resume your eating habits and come out of excess. For a correct diet, the advice of a professional who knows our dietary needs is essential.

Another specialist doctor to consider after the holidays is ENT. The combination of pool or sea water and heat can cause ear infections or ear infections. It is advisable that if you notice a first discomfort in the ears, an appointment is made with the specialist in question to check that there is no risk. We must pay special attention to the little ones in the house, as children are the group that most frequently experiences these infections.

Likewise, the dermatologist is a professional who is of great importance at this time. Repeated exposure to the sun and lack of adequate protection during the summer has consequences on the skin which can cause long-term burns, rashes or the appearance of spots or moles, and which can increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Therefore, it is advisable to attend a consultation with a professional to establish a correct diagnosis and recommend the best treatment, if necessary.

Finally, it is advisable to consult a gynecologist. Summer is one of the rare times when personal hygiene habits tend to change and therefore increase the risk of infection. Thus, September is the ideal time to carry out the necessary check-ups and, in the case of women, the gynecological check-up established.

Telemedicine, the ideal solution to keep your health up to date

Doctoralia recalls that telemedicine is an excellent tool to be able to keep your health up to date after the summer season. Laziness, confidence in our well-being or lack of time can delay medical visits and, therefore, also diagnoses or treatments that can be essential to our health. Although it is sometimes necessary to visit the specialist in person, telemedicine can be the great ally for those who have more difficulty in making an appointment with a professional.

In the words of Carlos Villaverde: “New technologies provide patients with tools to consult their health-related questions. We are moving towards a hybrid care model, which combines face-to-face visits with remote monitoring. This, among other things, improving access to care for many patients, and helping to decongest the system. “

Reliable sources of information supported by healthcare professionals

Likewise, the platform recalls that on the internet, everything does not happen to search for health information. It is essential to contrast the data, but above all to opt for 100% reliable sources of information. In this context, Doctoralia offers patients the “Ask the expert” service, where, free of charge and anonymously, any patient with health-related questions can resolve them with specialists on the platform.

“The search for health information on the Internet increases every year. This is why at Doctoralia, we are committed to tools and services that provide patients with quality information, supported by clearly identified professionals in the field of health. Self-diagnosis can be dangerous. Therefore, consulting your doubts with professionals is always the best option, whether in person or online. “, says Carlos Villaverde.

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