Border dispute between India and Nepal: Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli says “misunderstanding” with India has been clarified

Nepal’s Acting Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said all misunderstandings between his country and India had been cleared up. He said the two countries should forge ahead by looking to the future. Oli said that the love and the problems are shared between the neighbors. Many questions also arise about the change of position of Oli before the next elections in Nepal.

Oli admits a misunderstanding between the two countries
In an interview with the BBC, Oli admitted that there was once a misunderstanding between the two neighboring countries. However, he gave no details about it. Oli, in a televised address to the nation last month, said outstanding border issues with India would be settled diplomatically on the basis of historic agreements, maps and factual documents.

Advocacy for a positive relationship with India
Oli said yes there was a misunderstanding at one point, but now those misunderstandings are cleared up. We must not be trapped in the misunderstandings of the past, but we must move forward looking to the future. The 69-year-old Prime Minister of Nepal, who currently heads a minority government, said we need to build positive relationships. The Nepalese opposition coalition moved the Supreme Court against President Vidya Devi Bhandari’s unconstitutional decision to dissolve the House of Representatives and announce new elections on the recommendation of Prime Minister Oli.

Nepal’s special relationship with India
Oli said Nepal has a special relationship with India like no other country. Neighbors share both love and problems, he asked. Are there not problems between the people of Chile and Argentina? Let us tell you that in the new released political map of Nepal, three regions of India – Limpiyadhura, Kalapani and Lipulekh – have been shown as part of Nepal. After that there was a lot of tension in the relations between India and Nepal.

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India opposed disputed map of Nepal
In response to Nepal’s new political map, India reacted strongly and called it unilateral action. India had warned Kathmandu that the claims of artificial expansion of the territory would not be accepted. India said Nepal’s action violated the agreement between the two countries on resolving border issues through dialogue.

India-Nepal relations normalized at the end of 2020
Bilateral exchanges, which had ceased after a bitter border dispute, finally resumed in 2020. Several high-level visits took place between the two countries during this period, with India stressing that it considers itself the most great friend and development partner of the Himalayan nation. Nepalese Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali visited New Delhi in January this year and discussed a wide range of issues related to bilateral relations with Foreign Minister S Jaishankar. Gyawali said the two countries expressed their joint commitment to resolve the issues. Gyawali was the top Nepalese politician to visit India amid deteriorating relations after the border dispute.

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Oli wants a different kind of help from India
On the issue of the Kovid-19 outbreak, Prime Minister Oli said India should help in a different way from other countries to control and stop the spread of this outbreak. He said that the borders of Nepal and India are open and India should pay special attention to help Nepal in some places. Oli said that if the Kovid-19 outbreak is brought under control in India but not in Nepal, it makes no sense as it will eventually spread.

Oli claims India didn’t help as much as she needed
He thanked India for providing vaccines and other health care supplies for the first time, but lamented that Nepal had not received the help it needed from India. He said there were high expectations from India and he would like to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Oli said India should extend full cooperation to Nepal considering the current situation and our friendly relations. This does not mean that we have not received aid from India. At present, Nepal needs vaccination, for which Nepal will ask both neighbors and all countries.

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Oli calls on all countries for the vaccine
Regarding the corona vaccine, Oli said that anyone who provides vaccines, whether India, China, Britain or America, vaccines should be received. There is no need to politicize this and we thank our two neighbors. On the one hand, we received 18 lakh vaccines from China and on the other hand India gave 21 lakh vaccines. We had help from both. We also receive medical supplies from both. So thank you both. After an additional 3,479 people were infected with Kovid-19 in Nepal on Sunday, the total number of cases of infection in the country crossed six lakhs.

Nepalese PM KP Sharma Oli

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