Border dispute between Kp oli India: KP Oli India: the grand declaration of the Nepalese Prime Minister KP Oli, an increased misunderstanding with India, the talks will resolve the border dispute

Amid the ongoing political upheaval in Nepal, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said on Monday that ongoing border disputes with India would be resolved through diplomatic negotiations. Nepal and India held ministerial talks in New Delhi last month, but no solution has been found. Oli made the comment on behalf of the Nepalese military at a seminar titled “Coordination between Nepal’s international border security and agencies related to border management.”

Oli, who also serves as Minister of Defense, argued that relations with neighboring countries can be amicably made. He said: “To strengthen the relations between Nepal and India in a cordial manner, we must print the map and talk to India. Our relations can only be cordial through dialogue ”. The dispute between Nepal and India over the border in the Susta and Kalapani region has been going on for a long time.

Nepal covers the disputed area
During Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Nepal in 2014, the two sides sent delegations to resolve the dispute at the level of foreign secretaries, but they were unable to meet. After that, in November 2019, New Delhi created a new political map covering Kalapani in its territory. Nepal objected to India’s decision and later Nepal introduced a new political map covering the disputed territory, which was rejected by India.

Addressing Monday’s seminar, Oli said there would be an open and friendly dialogue with India on the issue of Limpiyadhura, Lipulekh and Kalapani on the basis of facts and evidence. He said, “We have to maintain our territory. There have been some old unresolved issues with boundaries. The issue of Limpiyadhura, Lipulekh and Kalapani has been pending for 58 years. The leaders of the time did not dare to denounce the incursions and we were then forced to be quietly displaced. It is also true that our decision has increased misunderstandings with India, but we must claim our territory at all costs.

“ Border security agencies must be very vigilant ”
The prime minister said border security agencies should be very vigilant when border issues are more sensitive. He called on the concerned authorities to stop the infiltrations in the Nepalese areas and to pay particular attention to the prevention of the misuse of land without men. He said: “When we claimed our territory, we were warned and said that there would be talks in the future to resolve the border disputes.” How can a country be safe when there is no border security? We have prepared a working policy to implement the security policy.

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