Boris Johnson Astrazeneca Covid 19 vaccine: UK Prime Minister rejects Oxford Corona vaccine on older people, rejects German claim – UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson insists Astrazeneca Oxford Covid 19 vaccine is effective for all after Germany’s allegations

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the country’s health chief said the Oxford-EstraZeneca corona virus vaccine was also effective for people over 65. PM Boris also rejected the questioning of German vaccine figures. Previously, Germany recommended the Oxford vaccine at age 65 or younger. Germany said there was insufficient data on the effect of this vaccine on people over the age of 65.

Unlike Germany, British health authorities have recommended the introduction of a vaccine for all. British regulators are relying on data published in a medical journal which found 100% antibodies in the elderly during a trial. Germany has taken this step at a time when there is a dispute between the European Union and AstraZeneca over the supply of vaccines. Britain is moving forward in terms of applying the corona vaccine to the population, while other countries in Europe are still lagging behind.

Oxford Corona Vaccine Only Provides Effective Protection With One Dose
Boris Johnson, who visited Scotland, said he was not worried about the news from Germany. He said the Medicines Regulatory Agency made it clear that he understood Oxford’s corona vaccine to provide effective protection by giving only one dose. Not only that, giving another dose gives more protection. He said the health regulator found it to be effective for people of all ages. The prime minister said he did not agree with the German conclusion.

Dr Mary Ramsay, UK PHE Vaccination Officer, said during the Phase III trial more cases were detected in the elderly, but other immunity data are reassuring. On the other hand, AstraZeneca said that in the latest clinical trial, our vaccine produced immunity in people over 65.

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