Boris Johnson Joe Biden: Joe Biden and Boris Johnson in Talks: Joe Biden and Boris Johnson

US President Joe Biden spoke by phone with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and expressed a wish to further strengthen the “ special relationship ” between the two countries. The White House gave this information. The UK is hosting the G7 conference and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) this year.

During the conversation, Biden expressed his willingness to collaborate with Johnson. In that conversation on Saturday, UK Prime Minister Johnson told President Biden he was ready to strike a new US-UK trade deal. He said in a statement released in Downing Street. Having a new business is more important to Johnson than it is to Biden.

The Biden administration’s focus on Kovid
After Breguit’s end, Britain now controls its national policy of coercion. However, White House Secretary Jane Saki said on Friday that the Biden administration had not set a deadline for a new trade deal, as the Biden administration is currently focused on controlling the outbreak of Kovid-19.

Focus on cooperation on climate change
The White House said in a statement: “The president expressed his intention to further strengthen the special relations between the two countries and to revive the relations across the Atlantic and to stress the importance of NATO in a shared defense and shared values ​​”. The statement said Biden also underscored the importance of cooperation through multilateral organizations on challenges such as climate change, control of the Kovid-19 outbreak and global health security.

The two leaders also discussed the need to coordinate common foreign policy priorities regarding China, Iran and Russia. Biden met with Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador on Friday. During the talks, the two leaders discussed other issues of bilateral cooperation, including regional immigration and epidemics.

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