Boris Johnson Pakistani minorities: atrocities on minorities in Pakistan in the name of blasphemy, UK Prime Minister raised question

In Pakistan, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson raised the issue with the Imran government amid mounting atrocities in the name of blasphemy against minorities, including Hindus and Christians in Pakistan. Earlier, a British MP had said that it was in Pakistan’s interest to end the atrocities committed against members of the Ahmadi community. In response, Boris Johnson said he raised the issue of the atrocities on behalf of Ishaninda.

Johnson in Wednesday’s parliamentary session called on the Imran government to guarantee the basic rights of the Pakistani people. Previously, this issue had been raised by British Minister Lord Ahmed. The issue was raised in the British Parliament at a time when Mahmud Khan, who belonged to the Ahmadi community in the city of Peshawar, was killed.

British Prime Minister Johnson said in response to this question: ‘I agree with my esteemed friend and can tell him that is why the South Asian Minister recently raised the matter with the Minister Human Rights Law of Pakistan and we have urged Les to guarantee the basic rights of their people. A British MP said that we should not ignore the human injustice and atrocities committed against minorities in Pakistan.

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