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Red Dead Online Game News: Bounty Hunters Are The Stars Of The Week Posted on 06/01/2021 at 7:49 PM Every week, Rockstar reveals the list of bonuses, items and promotions that can be found in Red Dead Online Red Dead Redemption II but also standalone for € 19.99. This week, it’s the bounty hunt that criminals have visibly multiplied in Red Dead Online as players are invited to hunt them down with their Bounty Hunter license. Earn Double Role XP on all dedicated missions, including Notorious Criminals and Legendaries. The competition is also the theme of the week, as competitive events like Manhunt and In the Name of the Law earn 1.5x the XP and RDO $. Players who have achieved the prestigious rank are entitled to 100 high-speed ammunition for their rifles, as well as a treasure map, note that experienced hunters (level 30) can make exchanging XP for gold profitable. For 10,000 XP sold, they receive a bar instead of the 50 nuggets offered at normal times. Beginners receive 50 split-head ammunition and 25 throwing knives with the purchase of a bounty hunter license. Until June 7th, the license will be offered at a price of 12 instead of 15 bars. In addition, the rank restrictions for weapons and horses, with the exception of role items, have been temporarily lifted. In general, all Exploration Mode Competitive Events receive Double XP.

Weekly promotions

-50% on Bolas-30% on outfit, car colors and prestigious bounty hunter interaction-30% on improved saddles-40% on Breton horses-30% on double cartridge belts -30% on shirts, corsets and dresses

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