boy stoned to death by taliban: boy stoned to death by taliban and also filmed the video in afghanistan

While the world had yet to recover from the brutal murder of comedian Mohammad Khasha in Afghanistan, another video of Taliban brutality has gone viral on social media. We see in this video that Taliban terrorists hit an Afghan boy with stones. Not only that, the Taliban also made a video of this heinous murder and made it viral on social media so the world could see its brutality.

This video is said in Afghanistan that it is not yet known. In the video, a boy is seen lying on the ground without clothes and hundreds of Taliban militants surround him and throw stones. The boy tries to get up several times even after eating a stone, but then he is hit by other stones. Finally, the boy falls to the ground and does not get up again.

Afghanistan again under barbaric Taliban rule
Video of this medieval barbaric punishment is being shared widely on social media and questions are being raised about America’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. Taliban spokespersons claim they will make their country a modern Islamic state in which women and children receive their due, but the situation on the ground is quite different from this. Afghanistan appears to be heading once again towards barbaric rule by the Taliban.

Previously, the radical Islamic organization brutally murdered famous Afghan comedian Nazar Mohammad Khasha. Video taken before the grisly incident has surfaced in which Taliban fighters kill Nazar. According to reports, meanwhile, Nazar is also making the last joke of his life and giving the Taliban a response after death. The world is in shock after the video of the incident is released.
Taliban regime arrives in Afghanistan, Russia has launched army in Tajikistan and sent tanks
Nazar was slapped in the face several times while sitting inside the car.
News of Nazar’s death had been circulating for several days, and the family blamed the Taliban for the murder. Now, in the video that has surfaced, it is shown that while sitting inside a car, Nazar was repeatedly slapped in the face. His hands were tied and several fighters surrounded him. According to reports, after that he was tied to a tree and then murdered by slitting his throat. It is not known when he was killed after being kidnapped.

According to local media, last Thursday Nazar was taken out of his house and then this cruelty was committed. He previously worked for the Kandahar Police Department. According to the Washington Post, Nazar is not afraid of being trapped by Taliban fighters and makes the last joke of his life. He says his captors have a backstage mustache.

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