BrahMos-2 Missile Pakistan Latest News: Pakistani President Arif Alvi expresses concern to India over speed of BrahMos-2 hypersonic cruise missile

Pakistani President Arif Alvi has expressed fears over India’s BrahMos-2 hypersonic cruise missile. The Pakistani president, who participated in the Miraj Aircraft program after 50 years in the Pakistani Air Force, said India had manufactured the BrahMos-2 missile. The speed of this missile is 8.5 Mach, or 8.5 times faster than the speed of sound. BrahMos can enter Pakistan in a matter of minutes. Therefore, we must strengthen the defense against our self-proclaimed enemy.

Pakistan Air Force Bridges of Praise
He read the praise of the Pakistani Air Force, saying the PAF is fully capable of protecting the country from any daring, even under adverse conditions. He even claimed that the PAF had at times proved its strength by giving an appropriate response to the daring of neighboring India which was particularly contentious despite limited resources.

Why the Pakistani president is afraid of BrahMos
BrahMos’ speed and unmistakable purpose ranks it among the deadliest weapons. This missile can finish the enemy sitting at a distance of 1000 kilometers at a speed of 9800 kilometers per hour in the blink of an eye. It can be fired from any warship, submarine, fighter jet, or land mobile launcher. It is also the world’s first such missile that can be fired from water, land and sky.

India-Russia jointly manufactured BrahMos missile
The BrahMos cruise missile is jointly developed by the Russian NPO Machostroeniya and the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). It is based on the technology of the Russian cruise missile P-800 Onkis. The BrahMos missile takes its name from the Brahmaputra in India and the Muskwa River in Russia.

India and Russia make BrahMos deadlier
India and Russia are building a new variant of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. The new missile will be effective in killing the enemy’s avax (Airborne Early Warning and Control) system aircraft. The Avax system is fitted to heavy and medium-haul aircraft depending on its size and weight. With this help, operators sitting inside the aircraft monitor the flight of planes and missiles over a certain distance.

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