Brain Impact of Coronavirus: Post Covid Brain Impact: Impact of Covid on the Brain

Not only does Kovid-19 disease affect the lungs and heart, but a new study has revealed its effect on the brain. For the first time, brain scans were studied before and after Kovid-19. It was found in the study that even though there is a slight serious illness, the effect on the brain was observed. Kovid not only leaves people stressed out, but many parts of the brain have been observed to shrink.

shrunken parts of the brain
Harvard Medical School doctor Dr Aditi Nerurkar said a team of British scientists performed the study in which the limbic cortex, hippocampus and temporal lobe narrowed. Smell / taste, memory and emotions are controlled by these parts of the brain. These changes have been observed in people who are less sick and who have not been hospitalized.

The British biobank performed brain scans of 40,000 people at the start of the pandemic. Of these, 782 were recalled in 2021. Of those who returned, 394 had tested positive for Corona. The study also took into account parameters such as age, gender, location of people, and scanned brain structure and functioning processes. In the results, parts of the brain were found to shrink.

have not been hospitalized
Interestingly, only a few of the corona positive people who were scanned got so sick that they had to be hospitalized. That is, the minds of these people were also more affected, which did not reach serious condition such as hospitalization. With this study, the need to take the effect on the brain seriously and avoid infection is clear.

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