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Brazil has approved the import of COVID-19 vaccine Covacin and Russian vaccine Sputnik-V made by Bharat Biotech in the country with regulations.

Brasilia. The vaccine is considered an effective weapon in the fight against coronary heart disease. This is the reason why there is an emphasis on vaccination all over the world. But the vaccination campaign is moving at a very slow pace due to non-production of vaccines as required.

In the meantime, there is good news for India. Indeed, India’s vaccine has been allowed to be imported by Brazil. Brazil has allowed COVID-19 vaccine, manufactured by Bharat Biotech, to be imported into the country with regulations.

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Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) approved the import and use of covacin last night (Friday). However, there are some conditions that limit the number of doses that can be imported and the use of the vaccine is banned in Brazil.

The Authority plans to import four million (40 lakh) doses, which can only be used under special conditions (e-phase) that are determined by testing. The decision was taken at the 9th Extraordinary Public Meeting of the Collegiate Board. The health monitoring agency ANVISA had earlier refused to allow the import of covacin.

Import of Sputnik-V was also approved.

The South American country of Brazil has also approved the Sputnik Vine vaccine. Announcing Brazil’s approval of Sputnik V on its official Twitter account, the Russian vaccine maker said: “Following the approval of ANVSA, Sputnik V will be used in Brazil. Brazil is the world’s 67th official to authorize the Sputnik V team. Mo became the country. The Sputnik V team gave a complete answer. All ANVISA questions on vaccine effectiveness and safety. “

After using the authorized dose, the agency will analyze the data to monitor the use of the vaccine to determine the next dose to be imported.

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