Brazil bharat Biotech Deal: Bharat Biotech Covaxin Deal Controversy Deal in Brazil against Jair Bolsonaro

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The Covaxin deal, which has become the neck of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, is finally over. Bharat Biotech canceled several deals with the two companies in November. The company has not given the reason for this, but in recent weeks there have been allegations of corruption against President Bolsonaro. In such a situation, the path to the elections that would be held next year seemed to be difficult for Bolsonaro. Even in a poll, more than half of those polled said they supported Bolsonaro’s impeachment.

was already involved in the controversy
The vaccine deal had added to the difficulties for Bolsonaro, already surrounded by much controversy and facing opposition and criticism in the country on other issues. Since the start of the epidemic, the president has been accused of not being serious in his efforts to contain it. He has always prioritized the economy and kept opposing rules like foreclosure. Not only that, he didn’t show seriousness about the vaccine and even said that people would turn into crocodiles when they got the vaccine from Pfizer.

Brazilian President doubts Pfizer’s corona vaccine could turn humans into crocodiles
“Support for impeachment”
According to a CNN report, a Datafolha survey found that 54% of Brazilians expressed support for Bolsonaro’s impeachment. At the same time, 51% of people admitted that their tenure was “very bad”. On the other hand, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has indicated that he could run in the presidential elections which will be held in October 2022, and if that happens, according to Datafolha, Bolsonaro could be delayed.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro accused of fraud over purchasing vaccine in India, SC approves investigation
no big deal on corona
The public grew increasingly angry with the president, who was the target of the opposition. There have been allegations against Bolsonaro that he himself not only took rules like masks and social distancing seriously to avoid the outbreak, but also threatened governors who imposed strict rules. Opposition Senate Leader Rodolph Rodriguez even said the investigation against Bolsonaro had started over his misconduct, but now the layers of corruption are starting to open.

Covaxin News: Bharat Biotech terminates Covaxin deal with Brazil, find out what the problem is
Now the vaccine controversy
The newspaper Estado de So Paulo had reported that the Brazilian government had signed an agreement with an Indian company for 20 million doses of corona vaccine. In this, the cost of a dose would be $ 15 (around Rs 1,117), while in a secret message from the Brazilian Embassy in Delhi the cost of a dose of Covaccine was Rs 100 (1, $ 34). After that, the opposition MPs asked the Supreme Court for an investigation, which was accepted by the court.

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