Brazil Covid 19 New Strain Fear Boris Johnson says UK is closing all travel lanes: New Brazilian strain from Corona, UK will ban all travel lanes from Monday

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that on Monday all travel lanes were placed on all travel lanes to protect citizens from the danger of an unknown strain of Bancorona. He will have to show Corona Free proof
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that all travel corridors will be banned from Monday to protect citizens from the threat of an unknown strain of the corona virus. Johnson said anyone coming from another country to Britain should show proof of not being corona positive before entering here. Previously, passengers from South America and Portugal had been banned after the new strain of Corona virus spread in Brazil.

Prime Minister Johnson has said the new rules will remain in effect until at least February 15. The British Prime Minister has taken this step at a time when the number of people who have died from the Corona virus in Britain has crossed 87 thousand. According to government data, 55,761 cases of the corona virus were reported on Friday. Meanwhile, the worldwide death toll from the Corona virus rose to around 2 million on Friday. Although many countries have started vaccination to control the epidemic, poor and less developed countries are struggling to get vaccinated.
Corona vaccine hits stores in Britain, but the pace of infection doesn’t stop, why?
“ 1 million people died in less than four months ”
The corona virus first appeared in the city of Wuhan in China in December 2019. The death toll is comparable to that of the population of Brussels, Maize and Vienna. Let’s say the first million people died in eight months, but the next million people died in less than four months. These death figures have been reported by government agencies around the world, while the actual number of deaths from the disease may be higher as many other causes of death were also reported early in the epidemic.

Dr Ashish Jha, an epidemiologist at Brown University’s School of Public Health, said many people have died. He said the scientific community has done an amazing job. In wealthy countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Canada and Germany, work has been undertaken to keep millions of people safe. He received at least one dose of the vaccine. There are many countries where the vaccine has not reached.

This year is also full of challenges for Brazil, India
Many experts believe this could be a busy year in Iran, India, Mexico and Brazil as well. Half of the people around the world who died from Kovid-19 were from these countries. A vaccination campaign is underway in rich countries but there are many obstacles to conducting this campaign in poor countries. These include a poor health system, poor transportation system, corruption, and lack of electricity to keep vaccines in the freezer.

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