brazil covid 19 strain: Brazil Covid 19 strain: Panic in the world due to the spread of the “super covid-19” virus in Brazil, the corona vaccine will also be neutralized! – Devastating effect of Brazil’s super covid 19 killing 40% of hospital patients, fears are growing

The corona virus has been exposed to a very deadly form in Brazil battling the Kovid-19 outbreak. A recent study found that 40 percent of hospital patients died last year. Now, a new, even more infectious strain of this super covid virus has started to spread. It is said that this virus has already reached America, causing panic in the world. Meanwhile, scientists have warned that this new strain of the super covid-19 virus could also outperform the corona vaccine. The Brazilian president, who faces the same danger, is believed to have called for India’s Corona vaccine as quickly as possible. Know everything about this new virus …..

Hospitalized in Northwestern Brazil

This new form of corona virus has started to spread around the world from a Brazilian state of Amazonas. Scientists fear that this super covid virus has been spreading in Brazil since the last month of July. Recent research conducted by the Brasilona Institute for Global Health has revealed that health facilities in the northern and northwestern regions of the country are very weak and very few people have access to health facilities. With the new form of this super kovid, the risk of corona death in these areas increases. Research indicates that Kovid-19 in the north and northwest is at greater risk of death than in the southern part of the country. There is no way to know if patients infected in this area have been infected with the new variant of the corona virus.

Long line to buy oxygen

The strain of the Super Corona virus from Brazil has reached Britain, which is already suffering from a new corona strain. Experts say it wouldn’t be fair to say that Brazil’s super corona virus has not reached the United States. So far, 83 million people in Brazil have been infected with the Corona virus. More than two lakh people have died in Brazil from this epidemic. In the Amazonian state of Brazil where this new strain of Corona comes from, hospitals in Kovid-19 have been hospitalized. The entire health care system has collapsed. Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourao has held Super Covid responsible for these deaths and cases. Brazil is now only behind the United States in terms of deaths. Corona cases in Brazil continue to grow. The condition is that there is a long queue to buy oxygen.

38% of corona patients admitted to hospital in Brazil die

During the research, more than two and a half million corona patients were admitted to hospital between February and August of the year 2020. About 47% of these patients were under 60 years of age. In most places, people admitted to hospital after suffering from the corona virus were elderly people. Research has shown that most of those killed were elderly. In Brazil, 38% of hospitalized patients died from infection. In the United States, that figure is around 20%. In Brazil, the number of people under 60 is 15%. Research has shown that health facilities are very poor in the northern and northwestern regions, so there have been more deaths.

20 million people have died from the corona virus worldwide

The worldwide death toll from the Corona virus rose to around 2 million on Friday. Although many countries have started vaccination to control the epidemic, poor and less developed countries are struggling to get vaccinated. The corona virus first appeared in the city of Wuhan in China in December 2019. The death toll is comparable to that of the population of Brussels, Maize and Vienna. Let’s say the first million people died in eight months, but the next million people died in less than four months. These death figures have been reported by government agencies around the world, while the actual number of deaths from the disease may be higher as many other causes of death were also reported early in the epidemic.

This year is also full of challenges for Brazil, India

Dr Ashish Jha, an epidemiologist at Brown University’s School of Public Health, said many people have died. He said the scientific community has done an amazing job. In wealthy countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Canada and Germany, work has been undertaken to keep millions of people safe. He received at least one dose of the vaccine. There are many countries where the vaccine has not reached. Many experts believe this could be a busy year in Iran, India, Mexico and Brazil as well. Half of the people around the world who died from Kovid-19 were from these countries. A vaccination campaign is underway in rich countries but there are many obstacles to conducting this campaign in poor countries. These include a poor health system, poor transportation system, corruption, and lack of electricity to keep vaccines in the freezer.

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