Brazil Covid 19 strain in United States: Brazil Covid 19 strain: Brazilian super covid strain that ‘beats’ corona vaccine in America, panic

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America has now reached a deadly new strain of the Corona virus that originated in Brazil. Brazil’s super covid strain has reached panic for the first time. It is believed that this strain may also partially defeat the covid-19 vaccine in Washington.
The corona virus, which is most affected by the corona virus in the world, has now reached a deadly new strain of corona virus that originated in Brazil. Brazil’s super covid strain first panicked in the United States. The new strain of Corona is feared that it may also partially defeat the Kovid-19 vaccine. The new strain was named P1 and its first case was found in Minnesota.

When it comes to the Brazilian corona virus strain, experts say it is 50% more contagious than the normal corona virus. A patient from Minnesota was diagnosed with the corona virus the first week of January. After that, they were tested and found positive with the corona virus. He said he had recently traveled to Brazil and was asked to remain isolated.
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The strain begins to spread from the state of Brazil to Amazonas
Earlier Monday, Dr Gottlieb, former commissioner of the United States Food and Drug Administration, warned that Brazil’s super covid strain has already reached the United States. He told CBS News that South African and Brazilian strains are present here. There are many differences between them, but there are many similarities between the two. This strain of the corona virus is present in the United States but we are not studying it.

This new form of the corona virus has started to spread around the world from a Brazilian state of Amazonas. Scientists fear that this super covid virus has been spreading in Brazil since the last month of July. Recent research conducted by the Brasilona Institute for Global Health has revealed that health facilities in the northern and northwestern regions of the country are very weak and very few people have access to health facilities. With the new form of this super kovid, the risk of corona death in these areas increases.
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Looking for long lines to buy oxygen
So far, 83 million people in Brazil have been infected with the Corona virus. More than two lakh people have died in Brazil from this epidemic. In the Amazonian state of Brazil where this new strain of Corona comes from, there have been hospitalizations with Kovid-19 patients. The entire health care system has collapsed. Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourao has held Super Covid responsible for these deaths and cases. Brazil is now only behind the United States in terms of deaths. Corona cases in Brazil continue to grow. The condition is that there is a long queue to buy oxygen.

Brazilian Super Covid strain reaches America

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