Brazil more cases of coronavirus than in India: Brazil more cases of coronavirus than in India: more cases of corona virus in Brazil than in India

The new, more contagious strain of the corona virus is wreaking havoc in Brazil. As a result, 76,178 new cases were reported across the country on Saturday and 1,997 people have died. To date, 1,1439,558 positive cases and 277,102 people have died in the country. As of March 12, 85,663 cases were reported nationwide and 2,216 people have died. With this, Brazil has overtaken India in the total number of cases and is second only to the United States.

Extreme health system
As the situation deteriorated, the country’s health system also began to collapse. Describing the situation in Brazil as worrying, the World Health Organization also called for serious measures to be taken. Experts say that due to the new P1 variant, patients are increasing so rapidly. It was named the Brazilian variant because it was found in the city of Manaus, the rainforest of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

President against lockdown
It is more contagious than before and people who were cured of the first infection are also vulnerable. On Monday, the president also called the curfew bad and said the WHO also believes lockdowns are not enough because they hurt the poor. While the WHO considers its negative impact, it says some countries have no other way to stop transmission.

Vaccination in the country is also slowing. Less than 4% of the inhabitants of a 21 crore country are vaccinated. So far, only 26 lakh people have received both doses. Here, the Oxford vaccine was recently approved for emergency use and these doses were sent from India.

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