Brazilian foreign minister resigns for failing to improve relations with Indian army chief

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In Brazil, the president dismissed the foreign minister for failing to improve relations with India. The foreign minister is accused of not having obtained the Corona vaccine from India. Generio
In Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro impeached his Foreign Minister Ernesto Arrozzo for failing to obtain the Corona virus vaccine to improve relations with India and China. President Bolsonaro has resigned as the head of the Brazilian army, navy and air force to fight the ravages of the Corona virus. At the same time, the defense minister resigned his post in protest, viewing the president’s decision as an attempt to over-control the military.

On Monday, President Bolsonaro was forced to undergo a major cabinet reshuffle following the resignation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defense. The president said on Twitter that he has decided to appoint the new Minister of Justice and Public Safety and Secretary to the Government. He gave no reason for the reshuffle. The president had previously replaced the Minister of Health, criticized after Kovid-19 killed 3,14,000 people in the country.

Failure to improve relations with India
Arjo recently came under criticism after rivals said he had hampered efforts to get the Corona virus anti-vaccine quickly. Not only that, Arjö failed to improve relations with the United States, China and India, as a result of which the country received less vaccine against the Corona virus. Arrojo is replaced by Carlos Franca, a diplomat. He is adviser to Bolsonaro.

Previously, the President of Brazil had appointed Marcello Queroga to the post, replacing his Minister of Health for the fourth time since the corona virus outbreak. Queroga will replace Edwardo Pazuelo. Military General Pazuelo was appointed Minister of Health in May of last year, although he has no experience in the health field. Pazuelo’s predecessor, two health ministers, has resigned from his post due to disputes with Bolsonaro. Queroga is currently the head of the country’s Cardiology Society.

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