Brazilian nurses gave artificial human touch: Hats: Corona patients in Brazil don’t feel lonely, nurse takes off brilliant idea, viral image – nurses trying to comfort isolated patients in Brazilian Covid neighborhood with gloves on Image goes viral

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In Brazil, patient Corona did not feel alone, so the nurse came up with a great idea. The nurse tied the two glasses together and filled them with slightly warm water and placed them on the patient’s hands. It was the same as the feeling of heat when a person touches The patient has brasilia
In Brazil, a nurse in Brazil who is suffering from the ravages of the Corona virus, does not feel alone, for this a nurse has come up with a great idea which is much appreciated. The nurse tied the two glasses together and filled them with slightly warm water. Put it in the hands of this patient. It was similar to how a patient feels heat when touching someone.

In this way, the human being feels without touching the patient. This wonderful work of the nurse is very appreciated on social networks. This photo of the nurse was tweeted by Sadiq Sameer, who is associated with Gulf News and so far 1,200 people have retweeted it. He said this picture tells the heartbreaking picture of the world battling Corona.

Previously, Brazil’s top health experts had warned that Brazil, like Japan, was facing a Fukushima biological tragedy with a new strain of Corona virus emerging every week. A record of one day of death was broken in Brazil on Tuesday and 4,195 people lost their lives. It is estimated that in July, only six lakh will die in the country.

Miguel Nicolais, who led the Corona virus response team in the northeast of the country until February, said Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was facing the biggest humanitarian tragedy in the country’s history. He told the BBC: “It’s like a nuclear reactor in which a chain reaction has started and which is out of control. It’s like a biological tragedy from Fukushima.

‘He cannot be controlled over all the earth’
Miguel was referring to the Japanese nuclear reactor accident after the terrible 2011 tsunami. He said that I understood that Brazil was not only the epicenter of this epidemic in the world, it was a threat to the efforts of the international community to control the epidemic all over the world. The health expert said that if the corona virus is not controlled in Brazil, it cannot be controlled all over the earth.

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