Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro may need surgery after 10 days of hiccups

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has had hiccups for the past 10 days and won’t stop Bolsonaro was admitted to hospital on Wednesday for investigation after persistent hiccups he needs to be operated on Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, surrounded by the epidemic of the Corona virus, has had hiccups for 10 days and does not take the name of stopping. Bolsonaro was admitted to hospital on Wednesday for tests after persistent hiccups. Doctors say it happens due to certain problems in the intestines and surgery may be needed for it, but later were told not to do the surgery immediately.

The presidential office said in an opening statement that Bolsonaro, 66, had been admitted to the armed forces hospital in the capital Brasilia and “was feeling better”. Doctors are treating the problem of his hiccups. But in another statement hours later, the office said the surgeon who treated Bolsonaro after being stabbed in the stomach during the 2018 presidential election campaign had decided to admit him to Sao Paulo. There they will be the subject of further investigation.

In the 2018 attack on Bolsonaro, there was an intestinal injury
The Hospital Nova Star said in a statement Wednesday evening that the president was under “clinical conservative treatment,” which means he will not have to undergo surgery now. Bolsonaro also shared a photo of his hospital on his official Twitter account, in which he is seen lying on a hospital “bed”. A man dressed in black religious robes and a long chain with a gold cross around his neck rests his hand on his shoulder, his face not visible in the photo.

The president is both Catholic and Evangelical. Bolsonaro suffered a bowel injury in the 2018 attack and has had multiple surgeries since then. He has also been seen facing difficulty speaking at several events recently. In an interview with ‘Radio Guaiba’ on July 7, the president said: ‘I apologize to those listening to me because I have had hiccups for five days.

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