brexit in northern ireland: tension on the brexit border increased during the g7 summit, politics are heating up in northern ireland

With Brexit overshadowing the G7 summit, Britain has accused the European Union (EU) of taking an “aggressive” approach in which Northern Ireland is not fully part of the UK. Britain and the European Union are at odds over post-Brexit trade deals that could restrict access to sausages in the UK part of Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that shares its border with the EU, an organization of 27 nations. The dispute is causing political tension in Northern Ireland, where some consider themselves British, others Irish.

According to British media, when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with French President Emmanuel Macro on the sidelines of the conference in Carbys Bay, England, he asked him how he would feel if Sausage was not allowed to travel to Paris. from Tologie. To this, Macro replied that this comparison is not correct because Paris and the Tollois are part of the same country.

Explained: Why are UK and EU unions facing each other over Brexit against Northern Ireland?
dispute over northern ireland
Northern Ireland is the only part that connects Ireland to part of the European Union. As a result, he has become an important link in the Brexit controversy. With the opening of the Irish border, it is possible that peace and order will be maintained. People come and go by this route as well, and business is also done comfortably. It’s an easy way for Northern Irish people to travel to both Ireland and the UK. However, this is where the controversy has arisen since Brexit.

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