Britain approves Moderna’s vaccine, will new Corona strain be effective? – UK approves use of moderna covid-19 vaccine, orders 10 million additional doses

The UK has approved Moderna’s Corona vaccine amid growing cases of the corona virus. It became the third vaccine to be approved in the UK. The UK has already authorized the Pfizer-BioNotech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines. The UK Healthcare Products and Medicine Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved Moderna’s vaccine after it was found correct in the investigation.

Britain signed seven million dose deal with Moderna
Britain has signed a seven million dose dose of Corona vaccine with Moderna. It is said that the supply of new vaccines is not expected in the coming weeks. In a test carried out on more than 30,000 people, Modarna’s vaccine showed almost 95% of Kovid’s safety results. Moderna claimed that its corona vaccine would also be effective against the new strain.

Moderna’s vaccine will be kept at minus 20 degrees
Moderna vaccines, which work like Pfizer and Bioentech vaccines, should be stored at minus 20 degrees Celsius. For use in the UK, two doses of the three vaccines approved to date should be applied. So far, around 1.5 million people have received at least one dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine in the UK.

Europe has also given a green signal to Moderna’s vaccine
Moderna’s Corona vaccine has also been approved by the European Union Pharmaceutical Agency. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved Moderna’s Corona vaccine on Wednesday. Previously, this European agency had approved Pfizer’s Corona vaccine. Nowadays, there is a significant increase in the cases of infection with the corona virus in European countries. At the same time, the slow vaccination of the Pfizer vaccine also raised many questions.

Moderna’s vaccine is given in America
On December 18, the United States approved Moderna’s Corona vaccine. Since then, doses of this vaccine have been administered to millions of people. There have also been numerous reports from the United States in which the patient suffered a reaction after receiving the vaccine.

Do you know why these two Corona vaccines are good news for India?

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