Britain coronavirus deaths: 1,564 coronavirus patients died in UK in one day – more than 1,500 coronavirus patients died in Britain in one day amid a worsening pandemic

Britain’s corona virus outbreak does not appear to be wreaking havoc. As of Wednesday, 1,564 patients with the corona virus have died, with which 84,767 people have died in the country so far due to the outbreak. Those 1,564 people died within 28 days of their infection, the worst number since the outbreak last year.

Decrease in the number of hospitalized patients
The country has confirmed 47,525 more infections as the number of hospital patients fell for the first time since early December in London. Significantly, during this period, a new, more contagious strain of the virus also spread rapidly across the country. However, different experts have claimed in studies that the virus is no more deadly than before.

The pressure is on the NHS
Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that there is a considerable risk of acute pressure on the intensive medical capacity of hospitals. At the House of Commons Liaison Committee, Johnson said the situation within the National Health Service was “very, very difficult” and the pressure on staff was “very high”. He again called on people to follow the foreclosure rules.

Vaccination under degraded conditions
A strict lockdown has been put in place in the country after the virus spread rapidly. Even the Kovid alert was the highest since the start of the epidemic. Given the gravity of the situation, Prime Minister Johnson had also canceled his tour of India. At the same time, work to distribute Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines has also started in the country.

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