britain News: British flight attendant offers sex during flight? Airways launches investigation – British Airways flight attendant sells inter-flight sex, offering mile-high club to customers

British Airways flight attendants offer sex to passengers on the flight. Not only that, she also tells her clients to join the Mile High Club. The flight attendant posted pornographic images on her Facebook page while on board in her uniform. After creating a ruckus, British Airways opened an investigation into the matter while clarifying it.

The flight attendant posted photos
According to the Daily Mail news, the flight attendant wrote in the caption that by posting obscene photos taken of the flight from the eyes of passengers, “Dear passenger, I am yours to entertain during the flight. What do you want me to do?’ British Airways has been in discussion since this post went viral.

An attendant sells underwear for cash
In an interview with The Sun, an anonymous flight attendant claimed she worked for British Airways. She said she made a bit more by selling her underwear for 25 euros. Apart from that, it also charges additional fees for the individual services. She said on her blog that if the customer is able to pay, she can also do “adult entertainment” during the flight.

Flight attendants also meet foreign clients
He said that in order to meet with clients a security fee of 50 euros would have to be paid. The price of these fees also varies depending on demand. There is no possibility of negotiation. She also meets people from other countries. However, his fees are then higher.

British Airways has opened an investigation
After British Airways’ name in the case, the company spokesperson said: “We expect the highest standard of behavior from all of our partners at all times.” We are studying these issues in depth.

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