britain News: Prime Minister Johnson backed UK Home Secretary Preeti Patel despite misconduct allegations – Prime Minister Boris Johnson backed UK Home Secretary Priti Patel despite misconduct allegations

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson backs his cabinet colleague Preity Patel, who has been the subject of a Cabinet Office investigation into allegations of intimidation by Preeti Patel, claiming that Patel disobeyed the ministerial post, even though he he had done it without knowing it.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson backed his cabinet colleague Preity Patel on Friday, while a Cabinet Office probe into allegations of intimidation said he disobeyed the cabinet post, although he may have -be done inadvertently. Typically, ministers who violate the Code are expected to resign, but ultimately it is up to the prime minister to follow through on the findings of the independent advisor on the Ministers’ Code.

Johnson, who has consistently backed Patel since the allegations surfaced earlier this year, announced he still has full confidence in the 48-year-old Indian-born minister who was one of Britain’s highest political ministries as Minister of the Interior. is in charge. However, this led to the resignation of Alex Allen, the independent ministerial code adviser, as the verdict runs counter to the findings of his report.

Conduct contrary to the Minister’s Code
His report states that my opinion is that the Home Secretary did not always meet the necessary high standards of the Ministerial Code to treat his subordinates with respect. On many occasions his behavior has been such that he can be described as the bully that people feel. He said that, to some extent, his behavior was in violation of the Ministerial Code, although it was not intentional. There is no evidence that he was aware of the impact of his behavior and received no response at that time.

Preeti Patel released a statement
Patel, considered to be a staunch ally of Johnson, issued a statement in which he regretted that his behavior in the past had hurt people. A Cabinet Office statement said the British Prime Minister has full confidence in his Home Secretary and now considers the matter to be over. However, after Allen resigns, the issue could remain for a few more days.

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