British academics Link to China: 200 British teachers, threat of prison, Oxford also wrapped up in ‘spying’ for China – UK 200 academics from UK universities could be jailed for helping China develop weapons of mass destruction

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At least 20 university professors in Britain have been arrested for spying for China. 200 professors from Great Britain have been scanned for China and there is a risk that they will go to jail. Officials are investigating this issue. China or not
There has been a major crackdown on British teachers who “spy” on China. About 200 teachers from 20 UK universities have been suspected of helping China. The danger of seeing these teachers in prison now looms. Intelligence officials are investigating whether these teachers fraudulently helped China manufacture weapons of mass destruction. At the same time, the prestigious Oxford University also entered into controversy by taking 7 lakh in donations from the disputed Chinese company.

UK officials are examining teachers to find out if they have violated laws and human rights to protect national security. 20 institutions, including many British universities, have been suspected of espionage. They are suspected of violating the 2008 Export Control Ordinance. If found guilty, they face 10 years in prison.

“ Planes, missile design and cyber weapons sent to China ”
The Export Control Ordinance 2008 was enacted to prevent the sending of information to the enemy country in a highly sensitive area involving the military and security and to protect intellectual property rights. British academics sent planes, missiles and cyber weapons to China, according to the Times report. Now, the British authorities are preparing to send a notice to these 200 suspects.

On the other hand, the University of Oxford was also suspected about the donation with the disputed Chinese company. The university decided to change the name of the prestigious chair of physics in exchange for receiving £ 7million in donations from Chinese software company Tencent. From 1900 until today she was known as the Wykeham Chair of Physics at the University and will now be known as the Tencent-Wykeham Chair. Tencent has a deep connection with the intelligence wing of the Chinese Communist Party.

“ Tencent’s Deep Connection with China’s Ministry of State Security ”
Two former British cabinet ministers have called on Oxford to reconsider its decision. At the same time, Lord Patten, the Chancellor of Oxford, said he would not comment on the money received from Tencent because he did not know. The US intelligence agency CIA believes that Tencent has a deep connection with the Chinese Ministry of State Security, which is China’s main intelligence agency. Tencent is working on AI with Chinese security agencies.

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