British Army: UK and Russia escalate war over Black Sea warship Incident: war-like situation between Britain and Russia

The British military suffered a setback amid continuing tensions with Russia in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. The British Chief of Staff, General Sir Nick Carter, tested positive at Corona. After which Defense Minister Ben Wallace and many high-ranking military leaders were quarantined. On such a critical occasion, the senior leadership of the British Army fell under Corona’s sway. A few days ago, the Russian Navy shot down the British warship HMS Defender. The Russian Navy is also currently conducting maneuvers at a distance of 30 km from the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

All military officers will be quarantined for 10 days
On behalf of the National Health Service (NHS) Test and Trace app, Cabinet ministers and the head of the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Strategic Command have been asked to stay at home for a period of 10 days after being in contact with Sir Nick. Sir Nick’s subordinate and head of the British Army, General Sir Mark Carlton-Smith, also spent the weekend in isolation while awaiting PCR test results, the Daily Telegraph reported. He had attended a meeting while maintaining a physical distance from the commander.

Many people including the Minister of Defense have been quarantined
A Defense Ministry spokesperson said the Chief of the Defense Staff was found infected during COVID-19 routine checks. The spokesperson said: “Those present at the meeting of the elderly with him last week are in isolation according to government guidelines, including the Minister of Defense. During the commander’s isolation, the operation of military activities will be done digitally.

British CDS found infected the day after the meeting
The meeting in question was held Thursday by Sir Nick at Defense Academy in Shrivenham, Oxfordshire. This included Ben Wallace, Vice Chairman of the Defense Staff, Admiral Sir Tim Fraser and Sir Mark, among other senior officials. It is said that social distancing was fully respected during this meeting, but some people still came into contact with Sir Nick. Sir Nick was found infected the day after the meeting. He also appeared at the Chalke Valley History Festival on Friday after the reunion.

Britain in action to save its carrier from Russia, deploys two “heavenly eyes”
Russia provokes Britain in the Mediterranean
The Russian Navy is conducting naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea just 30 km from the deployment site of the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth. Russian warships, fighter planes and submarines take part. Britain fears that under the guise of maneuvers, Russian Navy fighter jets will harass its only aircraft carrier stationed 30 kilometers away. This is the reason why Britain has also kept its fighter jets on high alert.

Russia’s new move to provoke Britain, missile maneuvers started 30 km from HMS Queen Elizabeth
Russia chased the British warship in the Black Sea
Just days ago, Russia fired at the British warship HMS Defender in the Black Sea. Russia claimed that this British warship entered its waters. At the same time, Britain had declared its warship to be in Ukrainian waters. In fact, since the occupation of Crimea, Russia has besieged the entire region.

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