British ban on astrazeneca covid vaccine blood clots: Britain – will not put fatal clots formed by the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, those inside 40! – Astrazeneca covid 19 vaccine could be banned for people under 40 in UK after blood clots

Britain is not going to apply this vaccine to people within 40 years, given the fatal blood clots formed by the Oxford-AstraZeneca corona virus vaccine. Britain is said to be considering a second vaccine for people 40 and under. Advisers were said to have written the suggestion to Health Minister Matt Hankack after seeing the ill effects in many adults. The Oxford vaccine is applied to people up to the age of 18 in India.

Experts believe that the risk of blood clotting in young people has increased significantly. Previously, he suggested that people under the age of 30 who have no health problems should be vaccinated by companies like Pfizer or Moderna. However, there are now plans to increase this age to 40 years. According to the British newspaper Independent, a decision on this will be announced today.
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242 rare cases of blood clotting
According to the latest data, 10.5 cases of blood clotting have been reported every 10 lakh doses. In the UK, there have been 242 rare cases of blood clots after the Oxford vaccine. Denmark previously banned the Oxford-AstraZeneca covid vaccine amid growing threats from the corona virus. It also became the first country in Europe to impose such a ban.

Previously, many European countries had already discontinued it for some time due to suspicion of blood clotting after administration of the vaccine, although the vaccine is still applied in these countries. Denmark imposed the ban after blood clots formed in the body of some people after receiving the vaccine. However, experts say such incidents are quite rare. It is said that this step could be a blow to the vaccination program launched in Denmark. Currently, AstraZeneca’s 2.4 million Kovid vaccine in Denmark is present in several centers, which are currently being withdrawn.

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