British drone wreaks havoc in Iraq-Syria, killed more than 1,400 ISIS terrorists – British Royal Air Force drone strikes killed more than 1,400

The British Air Force has broken ISIS’s back with its drone strikes in Iraq and Syria. More than 1,400 ISIS terrorists have been killed in British Royal Air Force (RAF) drone attacks over the past 6 years. The figure was released by the UK Ministry of Defense on Saturday based on photographic evidence and debris left behind.

All attacks were carried out by MQ-9 Reaper drones.
All of these airstrikes were carried out by the Royal Air Force’s MQ-9 Reaper uncontrolled aerial vehicle (drone). The great thing about these attacks was that no member of the British Air Force traveled to Syria or Iraq to execute them. All of these attacks were carried out by Air Force personnel seated in British-made command and control bunkers. The UK bought these drones from the US.

Jihadi John was also killed by the British drone
The Defense Ministry reported that at least 4,107 British MQ-9 Reaper drone flights have been operated since 2014. In these attacks, the formidable IS terrorist Mohammad Iwaji, also known as Jihadi John , was killed in the city of Raqqa, Syria. This terrorist was known to have slit the throats of a large number of hostages.

Britain gears up to spend more on drones
Just last month, Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) could replace British troops in a future war. After the successful execution of these attacks, the demand for an increase in the number of drones in the British Army increased again. The British Secretary of Defense, who arrived during a visit to the British newest naval ship, HMS Tamar, said the global war situation had changed. The enemies of the UK have already studied the weaknesses of the country and have adapted faster than us.

What is the special feature of the MQ-9 drone?
General Atomics, the company that makes this drone, claims it can fly for over 27 hours. The MQ-9 harvester drone has a maximum speed of 444.5 km / h. It can fly up to 50,000 feet above sea level, while simultaneously tracking 12 moving targets.

These technologies make this drone powerful
The Reaper MQ-9 drone is capable of lifting 1746 kg. It can be easily configured with weapons. Electro-optical infrared, surveillance radar, Maritam multimode surveillance radar, Lynx multimode radar, electronic mazes and laser designators give it dangerous force. This allows him to keep a close watch on enemies.

MQ-9 Reaper is armed with lethal weapons
This drone is capable of firing many types of weapons. Currently, the US and UK Air Force and Army fire AGM-114 Hellfire missiles and laser-guided bombs through. Equipped with synthetic aperture radar, video camera and forward-looking infrared, this drone is also capable of taking high-resolution photos. Not only that, this drone can send data anywhere in the world in real time.

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