British Navy: Great Britain deploys two warships Near China Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth Japanese Navy: British Navy will deploy two warships in Asia

Tired of the growing strength of the world’s navies in Asia, Britain will also forever deploy two of its warships. This warship will protect British interests by patrolling all of Asia, including the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Britain has announced that it will permanently deploy two warships to the Asian region after the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth moves with its fleet to Japan via the Indian Ocean.

Britain strengthens defense ties with Japan
Defense relations between Britain and Japan have boomed in recent days. This is the reason why the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier will maneuver with Japan under the nose of China with all its Lashkar. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a joint announcement Tuesday with his Japanese counterpart Nobuo Kishi in Tokyo that the UK will permanently deploy two ships to the region from the end of this year after the group’s arrival. carrier strike in Japan.

UK Defense Minister teases China
The British Defense Minister has said that we strongly oppose attempts to change the status quo by force. We also support a free and open Indo-Pacific based on the rule of law. This statement by the British Defense Minister is believed to be a direct challenge to China. China has long claimed most of the South China Sea. Not only that, it also tries to hinder the free transport of the sea by creating artificial islands in the sea.

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This aircraft carrier will cross the South China Sea
The US Navy also welcomed the arrival of a British aircraft carrier near Japan. Japan is also the seat of America’s Indo-Pacific Fleet. It is said that on its way to Japan, this British aircraft carrier will stop over in India, Singapore and South Korea. Apart from that, he will complete the journey through the disputed South China Sea to Japan.

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These weapons of war are deployed on the aircraft carrier
The Striker Group consists of two squadrons of F-35B Lightning fighter jets, numbering 36. This fighter jet is equipped with stealth technology. It is one of the deadliest fighter jets in the world. Apart from this, 14 helicopters are also deployed to locate enemy submarines at sea. It also includes Chinook heavy lift helicopter, Apache attack helicopter. The aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth can carry more than 65 aircraft at a time.

High tech radar is the greatest strength of this aircraft
It is equipped with BE’s S1850M long-range radar, which can detect enemy ships at a distance of 400 km. It is equipped with the Type 997 Artisan medium range radar, capable of tracking 900 targets at a time up to a distance of 200 km. In addition, this 3D radar can also detect targets the size of a bird or a tennis ball flying at a speed of 3 Mach.

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