British Pakistani woman murdered in Lahore: Pakistani men wanted to forcefully marry British woman, killed if refused – British law graduate murdered in Pakistan after refusing to marry local gangster

Strong points:

British student Mahira Zulfiqar was gunned down in the city of Lahore in Pakistan, after learning that Pakistani henchmen wanted to forcefully marry the girl and refused, she came to Pakistan to attend the wedding of a friend who was killed but Lahore I stayed in Lahore.
British student Mahira Zulfikar (26) was shot dead in the city of Lahore in Pakistan. It is said that two Pakistani henchmen wanted to forcibly marry a British student and shot her down by refusal. The victim had come to Pakistan to attend a friend’s wedding but only stayed in Pakistan after a huge quarantine tax was collected in Britain.

A law scholar in Britain, Mahira lived in southwest London. He was found dead in the Lahore Defense District on Monday. According to local media, on Monday morning, 4 assailants entered Myra’s room and shot her dead. Myra came to Pakistan to attend the wedding of her friend Tabassum.

Lahore police met Saad and Zaheer
Mahira decided to stay with her grandmother in Lahore after British Pakistan was put on the Corona virus red list. She was hoping Pakistan would be taken off the Red List next month and return to Britain without paying huge quarantine fees. Local henchmen living in Lahore harassed Saad and Zaheer Mahira and despite several complaints for action, the police took no action.

The Lahore police are said to have encountered both Saad and Zaheer. Saad and Zaheer both wanted to marry Myra by force. They threatened Mahira for it. However Mahira did not approve of this. Instead of catching the culprits, the police arrested the young girl who lives with Mahira. Mahira was hit by two bullets and her whole room was filled with blood.

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