British SAS sniper fired 900 meters to strike, 5 ISIS terrorists shot dead in one shot

British Special Air Service (SAS) sniper Jabanj caused quite a stir among terrorists with his shots. The jawan shot dead five ISIS militants in Syria with a single shot from a target of around 900 meters. One of the terrorists killed is said to be the commander-in-chief of ISIS.

Five terrorists killed 900 meters away
As reported by the Daily Star, the Special Air Service SAS sergeant did so while deployed to Syria. The sniper aimed precisely at the jacket of a jihadist suicide bomber filled with explosives from a distance of about 900 meters. At the time, this jihadist was recording the first message of a bomb explosion. The suicide bombing took place in the jacket of the jihadist. As a result, four other terrorists present were also killed.

British commandos monitored the comings and goings of terrorists
British SAS commandos have been reported to have been monitoring ISIS’s secret bomb factory for several days. In November, he began to see more suspicious activity in this factory. After which, the action was decided. The commando team saw five terrorists come out of this factory. One of them was filming a suicide bomber who was smiling and talking to the camera.

Five terrorists killed by one of those bullets
SAS commands immediately informed their base that there was a suicide bomber on their target. It was previously planned to only kill the attacker with a single bullet, so that he could be identified. However, due to the greater distance to the target and the sudden change in air, the bullet hit the suicide bomber’s jacket filled with explosives. Due to which the five terrorists were killed in the explosion.

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British sniper targeted the target with this rifle
The British military has not disclosed the name of the SAS sniper for security reasons. The report states that this sniper used a .50 caliber rifle. This rifle is one of the most powerful weapons in the British Army’s arsenal. Please be aware that the British Army has been fighting back against Daesh in collaboration with local Kurdish fighters for several years.

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The use of this rifle is fatal
The British Army uses a .50 caliber rifle primarily to strike large targets such as airplanes, cars, trucks, and light armored tanks. The use of this rifle on humans is quite fatal. For this reason, the rags of the human body fly away. However, this rifle is used for hitting targets at long range or for hitting strong targets above a target.

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