British scientists are working on new drug that would grant instant immunity to COVID-19

Posted: Saturday December 26, 2020 11:38 PM

A group of British scientists are said to be taking the final steps to create a drug that could prevent the infection causing the disease in a person who has been exposed to the coronavirus. This was revealed by the British newspaper “The Guardian”, which points out that this formula with antibodies could grant instant immunity against COVID-19 in groups at risk.

According to the media, this drug, which is in development between the pharmaceutical company “ AstraZeneca ” and the University College London Hospital, could be used as emergency treatment intended in particular for hospital patients and residents of nursing homes. older supplement to help contain germs.

“If we can show that this treatment works and prevent people exposed to the virus from developing COVID-19, that would be an important step with the arsenal of weapons that are being developed to combat this terrible virus,” said declared The doctor. Catherine Houlihan, virologist at University College London Hospitals NHS Trust (UCLH) and head of the study entitled “Storm Chaser into the drug”.

The team of researchers working on the drug’s implementation estimate that, if all goes well, its ability to protect us from the coronavirus will last between six or 12 months, although it is pending British approval. Medicines Regulatory Agency prior to marketing. Currently, trial participants are receiving this product in two doses.

“To date, we have injected 10 participants (staff, students and others) exposed to the virus at home, in a health facility or in student residences,” added Dr Houlihan, who hopes This drug can be distributed in March or April 2021 after passing the test exam.

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