British soldiers drink snake blood: warn British soldiers, do not drink snake blood, avoid eating live scorpions – UK warned soldiers drinking snake blood eat live scorpions which could trigger a new pandemic

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Drinking cobra-like snakes can be expensive to keep alive under all circumstances. PETA has warned Britain’s Minister of Defense that this could trigger an epidemic. Every year, soldiers from all over the world arrive in Thailand to participate in military exercises on cobra gold.
This is bad news for soldiers around the world who drink blood from poisonous snakes like cobras and eat live scorpions to keep themselves alive in any situation. Peta, an animal rights organization, wrote a letter to the UK Minister of Defense warning that such a practice, amid the threat of the corona virus, was causing viruses from snakes and other organisms such as the covid-19 from indoor animals or the human bodies of animals. enter the body of soldiers can enter.

In fact, every year soldiers from all over the world arrive there to participate in the Cobra Gold military exercise that will be held in Thailand. During this time, these soldiers train to kill and then to eat exceptionally alive animals so that they can stay alive. Meanwhile, soldiers drink snake blood during field training, train to eat live scorpions or lizards. PETA has warned that by drinking the snake’s blood or eating it alive, viruses such as corona or animal disease could enter the human body.
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75% of diseases spread from animals to humans
He said it could lead to another outbreak. Let us tell you that during the Cobra Gold military exercise last year, American soldiers were captured on camera attracting the skins of lizards and scorpions and eating them alive. Not only that, during the exercise, a snake was killed by drinking the blood that came out of its head by the soldiers. People reacted sharply when his images went viral.

PETA cited the US CDC as saying that 75% of diseases spread from animals to humans. According to one estimate, since the 1970s, three dozen infectious diseases have spread as a result of the manipulation of the habitat of human animals. These include SARS, Marsa, Ebola, bird flu, swine flu and Zika virus, etc. Scientists claim that the corona virus is also spread by bats.

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