British variant of the coronavirus: variant of the coronavirus from India in Great Britain more contagious: the delta form of the corona virus in Great Britain is more contagious

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Corona variant found in India is spreading rapidly in Britain, Health Minister Matt Hancock said unlock plan was difficult due to 40% more infectious Delta variant in London
UK Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Sunday that the delta or B1.617.2 form of the coronavirus first detected in India is 40% more contagious than the alpha or so-called Kent form (VOC). The senior cabinet minister said the recent spike in cases of corona virus infection in the country is due to the spread of the delta nature, which made the unlock plan slated from June 21 more difficult.

He pointed out, however, that most people hospitalized for the delta form were not vaccinated and that “very few” people had received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccines. The minister said this reflects scientific advice that a single dose of vaccine against the delta form of the cause of concern is not as effective as the alpha form and that taking both doses is the only prevention.

Hancock told Sky News: “With this figure we can say that this form is around 40% more contagious, this is the last piece of advice I have. It means that viruses with the delta form are more difficult to deal with. , but most importantly, we believe that taking two doses of the vaccine will give you the same protection as the previous form.

The minister also confirmed that vaccinations under the National Health Service (NHS) will be open to people under the age of 30 in the coming days.

“This week we will open the vaccination campaign for those under 30 and thus take one step closer to the point where we can vaccinate all adults in the country,” he said.

When asked if there would be a delay in the June 21 deadline to end all lockdown restrictions in the country, Hancock said the government had “completely” opened “. Tests of the standards set by the government for unlocking also include that the nature of the dangerous virus has not changed dramatically.

Corona variant found in India has spread to 48 countries around the world

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